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Thank you, Zurich! Wonderful autumn kick-off of ARCHITECT@WORK in the Swiss capital.

14 October 2021

Nothing can stop this train any more: ARCHITECT@WORK in Zurich was just the beginning. The Swiss edition 2021 of the exclusive trade fair for architects, planners and decision-makers was the successful kick-off for all upcoming editions in the DACH region.


It's done: ARCHITECT@WORK was already equipped with a sophisticated security concept for visitors and exhibitors in autumn 2020, but this autumn the fair is able to go through all editions in full swing. The start was now made by the Zurich edition, which was the first in the DACH region this autumn to show how an exhibition concept can go off perfectly even under difficult conditions.


It was high time to return to analogue: For all the advantages that digitalization undoubtedly brings, the longing for interpersonal encounters was revealed in full measure. Not only seeing things but also touching them, meeting your counterpart live again and not just having conversations via screens, feeling the handshake, laughing together and enjoying time together - all this is back.


Even if some were still more cautious and preferred to observe the fair from a distance: ARCHITECT@WORK has picked up full speed again and is not letting itself be diverted from its course. The organizers are taking the drop in visitors sportingly and are fully motivated to continue working on the successful concept: "This year is like a new start, which we have been waiting for so long, and that is why we also regard it as an exceptional situation. The most important thing for us is that the fair can take place. We are happy that we could welcome more than 1,740 visitors and already we could show that our concept follows all the necessary rules and at the same time allows the irreplaceable feeling of personal contact. People will also regain the necessary confidence to engage in events and places of encounter again."


Once again, ARCHITECT@WORK was able to prove that tireless commitment pays off. It is not just about presenting products, which are incidentally selected by a jury, in a beautiful setting, but much more: with the lectures and the exhibitions around an exciting central theme, the mental horizons are broadened here, connections and contexts are made visible, which are ultimately reflected in the products, whereby one also has the unique opportunity here to really get to know them in depth in a personal conversation and - in the truest sense of the word - to grasp them.


The next ARCHITECT@WORK in Zurich will take place in spring 2023 - plenty of time for everyone to turn the necessary screws that will make a successful new edition of the exclusive fair possible. The well-being and comfort of the visitors has always been at the heart of the concept, and so it will continue to be: a good mix of ideas, information and exchange.


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